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Blue Spruce Bough

The Beginnings of a Rye-Spruce Christmas Ale

Or rather, I should say a spiced rye-spruce pale ale. We may have bitten off a bit too much with this one. It started out simple enough: we wanted to do a spruce ale. What the hell could be more Christmasey than putting actual Christmas tree in a beer? I’ve had exactly one spruce ale… Read more »

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SantAle 2011

Uncapping SantAle 2011

After our 48 bottles had finished their cozy two-week nap in the closet and we had created a label derived from a bizarre Lucky Strikes Christmas ad, it was time to finally see how our holiday beer turned out. It was great! The fresh ginger really leaps out of the glass and sits on your… Read more »

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straining the Christmas beer mash

How the Christmas beer is made

It isn’t always pretty. The green and brown mixture of speciality grains and hops is putrid-looking, and even more suggestive later when you look at the photos. But when you’re in the moment with friends and the bready aromas and steam are filling the kitchen, it’s simultaneously comforting and exciting. You know, like Christmas morning…. Read more »

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