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The agony and the ecstasy of Tartine rye bread

I happened to have a ton of great rye flour lying around, and so the other day I decided to give the Tartine rye bread loaf a second go. My first attempt a couple weeks ago turned out very nicely, with decent oven spring and beautiful color, but hardly tasted much like rye. Taken directly… Read more »

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pumpkin bread

Uncanny Pumpkin Bread

Maybe it just feels too warm for pumpkins to exist in Southern California or maybe it’s because pumpkin doughnuts are somehow totally out of reach in LA, but I have been coping by ingesting a steady dangerous quantity of the orange stuff this year. And I’ve been diving deeper, going straight for the raw article itself, the squishy… Read more »

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whole wheat bread

Whole Wheat Bread Made With Community Grains Flour

Two weeks ago, I set out to find some locally milled flour, as many bread bakers swear by  it. Some of the fanatics even go as far milling grain themselves in their kitchens. A hand-cranked machine isn’t crazy expensive, but I’d have to be crazy to devote fridge space to a sack of grain or… Read more »

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Tartine Olive Bread

After successfully making the standard Chad Robertson Tartine country loaf, I dipped a pinky into fancier breads with an olive loaf. It was super rad. And super easy. At the beginning of the bulk rise, just after you make your first fold, I added in: 1 1/2 cups kalamata olives from gregarious Greek man at Hollywood… Read more »

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