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How to Make a Great Wedding Website

After having gone through a number of iterations on, here are some of my tips on how to create a great wedding website, no matter what tools you’re using.

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Oh look, I made a new website

I’ve had this website as a static landing page for quite a few years, but it was a totally disjointed experience, and really not optimal for someone whose job is creating nice user experiences. But here we are, fully Wordpressified with a single experience across all templates, and hopefully a major upgrade over what I had before.

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The Relaunch of and Creativity

I was a product lead on Ad Age’s 2014 redesign, which was a top-to-bottom rethinking of the entire site. Some highlights: a more visual and engaging homepage; fully responsive templates that look beautiful no matter what platform you’re on; and clean article pages that making reading a great experience.

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Diving Into Ruby on Rails With EmoteVid

Beyond learning about how a lot of new technologies work, what was really fun was figuring out how these things could help me build something awesome, more quickly and easily than ever before. Writing software is fun, but I really like building products, and frameworks like Rails are an incredible boon for people like me.

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The Ad Age iPad App

Ad Age’s new iPad appĀ is now far and away the most enjoyable way to read our work. In it you’ll find no right rail, no complex navigation, no comments, no search — essentially any aspect of our desktop site that doesn’t have to do with reading the latest content hasn’t been included. But we didn’t… Read more »

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Extracurricular Project:

About a month or so ago, my old friend Mackenzie, an actress and comedienne, put out a call on Twitter for some website help. She had a professional website at some point, but it disappeared in a tragic gardening accident — kidding, I have no idea what happened to it — and she’s been sending… Read more »

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YouTube Channel Tracker Goes Live

Never before has a project I’ve worked on launched with a large image of an upturned backside, but here we are! Thanks Flo Rida. YouTube has been pouring millions of dollars into a selection of channels, and, along with digital editor Michael Learmonth and our developers, we’ve been hard at work devising a way to… Read more »

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