About Me

me-standing-v2I’m a product manager, and I love building things on the web that solve real user problems.

I just finished my first year of UCLA Anderson’s part-time MBA program, where I’m focusing on entrepreneurship and product management.

I’ve recently moved to Fox, where I’m working on a lot of exciting projects for Fox.com. Previously, I was a product manager at Advertising Age, where I led many projects focused on users in marketing and media. The most recent and significant of these was Ad Age’s redesign, the site’s largest update in a decade or more. I was involved throughout the entire cycle of requirements, design and implementation, and it was an amazing experience to work on something so complex and crucial for us.

In recent years, I also led projects such as Ad Age’s iPad app, the YouTube Original Channel Tracker and a top-to-bottom CMS overhaul, not to mention countless interactive content projects that I designed and built as a web producer.

I’m most interested in building better user experiences by better understanding users, and I love being able to tease out answers to thorny questions by digging into our constantly expanding sources of user data. I lead our iterative product evolution, which is heavily informed by a careful reading of our metrics. I also know the ins and outs of front-end web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and I’m pretty good with PHP, Ruby, MySQL.

I live with my dog Lucie and fiancé Sasha in Los Angeles, and I like to read, hike and bake.